This CV is currently out of date. Please refer to my consultancy firm and LinkedIn profile for up-to-date details.

Curriculum Vitae

Dave Cardwell

Full Name:
Mr David Thomas Cardwell.
Grimsby, N E Lincs, UK
(53° 33′ 55″, 0° 4′ 30″).
Date of Birth:
Sunday 10th March, 1985.
White British.

I am currently seeking employment to complement my studies. I would be particularly interested in part-time or contract work in web design or Perl development. I am happy to work in the local area or by telecommuting and have experience with both. This document is also available in PDF, plain text and Microsoft Word formats.

Personal Statement

It is clear from my employment and education history that I have a strong affinity for computing and design. It is my wider-reaching interests, however, such as history, politics, music and film that make me a well-rounded and sociable employee. I am comfortable working as an individual or as part of a team and thrive in challenging environments.

Education and Qualifications

The University Of York

September 2005Present

I am currently studying for a BEng in Computer Science. While at university I have joined the Conservation Volunteers and intend to volunteer my previous teaching experience at schools in the local area.

Franklin 6th Form College

September 2001July 2004

I enjoyed representing fellow students on the Student Council, Health and Safety Council, and Student Union. I frequently assisted teachers by mentoring less able students in my computing class. I particularly enjoyed playing basketball with the college team.

Qualifications achieved at Franklin College.
Qualification Subject Grade
AEA Critical Thinking
A Level Business Studies B
Computing A
General Studies B
AS Level Critical Thinking B
Government and Politics B
Information Technology A
Mathematics B

Caistor Grammar School

September 1996July 2001

While at Caistor I joined various clubs including the Air Training Corps and the school and Grimsby Town cricket teams. I achieved grades A–C in all of my GCSE examinations.

Employment History

Cyclix Communications Ltd

January 2004Present

Head of Multimedia Design

Originally hired to design Cyclix’s flagship product, my creative role has grown to involve multiple facets of the business including marketing, customer support and application development. I have learned the importance of effective communication skills as part of a successful team.

The site runs on a typical LAMP system in a mod_perl environment. As well as debugging and optimizing the existing code I have been instrumental in creating a number of Perl modules and scripts. I have kept the site web standards compliant as was my original brief, with appropriate use of CSS and JavaScript.

Cover Hunter Worldwide Ltd

June 2005September 2005

Product Development

I was tasked with creating a comprehensive system that interacted with several major travel insurance providers to calculate the best value quote for a given customer’s credentials. I worked almost exclusively by telecommuting with the American branch of the firm. As well as working to a pre-defined specification I was also required to create ingenious solutions to various problems and internal requests as they arose.

Using Perl and MySQL the system interacted with an existing website running in a mod_perl2 environment. The solution was object-oriented and extensible to later include other types of insurance.

Franklin 6th Form College

March 2005June 2005

Teaching Assistant

In recognition of my efforts when helping fellow students of Franklin College, I was subsequently asked to return to help teach IT and Computing at various levels. That included students of diverse ages and ability in groups from forty down to individual mentoring. While initially daunting, the rewarding experience has vastly developed my confidence and my ability to work effectively with others.

029 Creative Solutions Ltd

August 2004December 2004

Web Developer

During my time with 029 we designed and developed websites for a diverse range of clients including O2, NTL and GlaxoSmithKline. This entailed frequent meetings in which I explained complex design issues to clients of varying technical expertise.




I have worked from a very young age in a variety of roles, from a paper boy to a milkman. I worked as a sales assistant for Matalan PLC for over a year where I personally developed a bespoke staff rota management system. I have worked for Pro-byte Computers Ltd and the North East Lincolnshire Council IT Department for work experience. I have also held a number of temporary office positions with agencies like Stafforce.

These, and others, have given me a strong work ethic and a confidence with members of the public.

Additional Skills and Experience

General IT Skills

In numerous office-based temporary jobs I have utilised my proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications, and my ability to use the Internet to research and collate information effectively. I type accurately at a rate of 80–90 words per minute.


I am particularly comfortable in a LAMP environment, although I am also proficient with PHP and others. I have an excellent understanding of the principals and nuances of Perl and its use in various applications. I have extensive experience with the following modules and technologies:

  1. CGI
  2. DBI
  3. HTML::Template
  4. Image::Magick
  5. LWP
  6. Mail::Sendmail
  7. mod_perl (1+2)
  8. Template Toolkit
  9. XML

Web Design & Development

I am a strong advocate of web standards and accessibility for all and have spent a great deal of time researching accordingly. I can design and create attractive, user-focused web sites that conform to the latest structural and accessibility standards. I am particularly adept with the following standards and technologies:

  1. Ajax
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Microformats
  5. RSS
  6. (X)HTML


The following people have kindly agreed to act as referees:

Mr Andrew Davidson

Managing Director

Cyclix Communications Ltd
34 Newbould Lane
S10 2PL

Mr Brian Anderson

Head of Information Technology

Franklin 6th Form College
Chelmsford Avenue
DN34 5BY