jQMinMax - Add min-/max- height & width support


Dave Cardwell (jQuery plugins)


jQMinMax is a jQuery plugin that adds support for min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height where they are not natively supported. This page describes version 0.1.



jQMinMax has only been tested with a recent release of jQuery from SVN. If you encounter any problems, upgrading your jQuery library could be your first port of call. The first version of jQuery to be officially supported will be the upcoming release of version 1.0.

If jQMinMax detects that your browser supports minmax natively ($.minmax.native) it will not take any further action.


jQMinMax is released under the MIT License. Attribution and links are always well received. If you do find a use for this plugin, I’d love to hear about the project.

You can download jQMinMax v0.1 uncompressed (5.7K) or compressed (1.9K) with Dean Edwards’ packer.


No support detection attempted.

The following boxes should all appear as 100x100px squares.


jQMinMax v0.1 has no known bugs.

To Do


  1. v0.1 - Wednesday 16th August, 2006